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Hi, and welcome to The Healthy Mutt!  My name is Beth, and I have two senior rescue Boxers named Joe and Laney.  I adopted Laney at the age of 4 in 2013 and Joe at the age of 6 in 2014. 

This blog came out of from my experiences with trying to manage Joe and Laney's medical issues.  After spending tens of thousands of dollars in vet bills trying to manage chronic medical conditions (allergies, pancreatitis, IBD, arthritis), I started pursuing natural remedies to help Joe and Laney.  I wanted to share my experiences with other dog parents.

As a visitor here, you are part of The Healthy Mutt community!  I would love to hear from you about the experiences you've had with your own dogs.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a veterinarian.  Any posts on this site are my own opinions and experiences.  They are not a substitute for proper veterinary care.

Joe and Laney

Joe and Laney